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Consolidated Civil Enforcement is a Canadian company providing comprehensive civil enforcement and bailiff services. These include: personal property recovery, vehicle recovery, judgment recovery, sale of land, garnishment, document service, and others.

As the largest Civil Enforcment Agency in Western Canada and with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria, Consolidated has an unmatched ability to enforce your rights across Western Canada. With additional contacts across Central and Eastern Canada also, we can effectively serve your civil enforcement needs across the country.

Consolidated provides unmatched expertise, service and dedication in an effort to recover your money and enforce your rights. Our experienced staff will help you analyze your options, making it easier for you to choose a direction that is right for you.

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Consolidated Civil Enforcement has teams of dedicated Recovery Managers who are ready to work one-on-one with you to meet your repossession needs. Recovery Managers are specially trained and highly experienced in the civil enforcement field, and provide the consistent and individual attention that your file requires to be handled efficiently and correctly. They also have access to an expansive network of bailiffs throughout Canada who will provide fast, effective, and high quality work. Unlike its competitors, Consolidated also employs a team of in-house legal counsel to navigate the often complex legal issues surrounding asset and financial recovery. Consolidated’s expertise sets it apart in its industry as the most highly-trained and knowledgeable civil enforcement agency in Western Canada. Our clients know that when they turn their financial recovery needs over to Consolidated, the job will be done right and on time – right through to collection and completion – every time.


As a result of years of consistent and outstanding service, Consolidated has become the largest civil enforcement agency and bailiff company in Western Canada. We have an extensive network of bailiffs throughout Alberta and British Columbia, and as a result, can get you results more quickly and cost effectively than any of our competitors. Consolidated’s size ensures a reach that will locate debtor’s and their assets – wherever they may be – and it means that Consolidated is able to negotiate the best possible terms for the sale of seized assets or for the collection of our clients’ debts.

Breadth of Service

Unlike other agencies, Consolidated excels at all types of recovery. Whether you need: vehicle recovery, judgment enforcement, execution of court orders, landlord/tenant disputes, sale of land, or even process service, Consolidated can deliver. With this complete understanding and strength in all recovery areas, we can help guide you to choose the recovery method that will give you maximum results. At Consolidated, it’s not just talk – we have the experience and capability to follow through on any civil enforcement remedy for our clients.

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