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Court Orders

Consolidated can enforce Orders for Possession, Attachment Orders, Replevin Orders, Anton Pillar Orders, and other general orders granted by the courts.

Order for Possession

An Order for Possession is issued by the Clerk of the Court and is the document which provides the Civil Enforcement Agency with the direction and authority to enter and take possession of premises or lands and, if necessary, to remove the tenant from the land or premises.

An Order for Possession is commonly used by Landlords when evicting a tenant, Banks who have foreclosed on a property & on Mobile Home seizures requiring vacant possession prior to sale.

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Other Court Orders

The content of your Order provides the Bailiff with his or her authority and enforcement powers. When drafting or obtaining your order from the court, make sure the order contains the necessary instructions, authority and powers (i.e. break & enter) to enable the Consolidated and its Bailiff to enforce your order effectively. Please contact us if you wish to discuss.

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