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Commercial Bailiff Services

If you have a debtor who has defaulted on their security agreement or lease or if they have failed to pay for repairs, maintenance, or storage of a vehicle we can seize the collateral for you.

Personal Property Repossession

For seizure of vehicles, goods, equipment, and personal property pursuant to a mortgage, lease agreement, rental agreement, conditional sales agreement, or sales agreement with retention of title.

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Commercial Rent Distress

Under the Rent Distress Act of British Columbia a Landlord can employ a Bailiff to collect rent as soon as it becomes due. On your instruction the tenant business can continue to operate or not. Rent can be collected ongoing or immediately via sale. Lease in place or No Lease in place, our trained and professional staff can assist you in achieving the best and most cost effective solution for all parties

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Repairer's Lien Repossession

If you are a mechanic or repairer looking to collect for unpaid services performed, we can assist you.

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Warehouseman's Lien Repossession

As a warehouseman, you have a lien on goods deposited for storage covering the value of your reasonable charges. Consolidated can help you collect unpaid rent.

Mini-Storage Seizure

If you are a self storage owner or operator and are owed money by renters, we can help you collect.

Marine Mortgage Seizure

Recover on defaulting mortgages with the seizure of commercial fishing vessels, tug boats, barges, or float camps that are secured by a Marine Mortgage.