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Court Bailiff Services

Appointed by the Ministry of the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia, we are able to fulfill all writs of execution and other court orders. Consolidated currently has licensed court bailiffs in the Greater Vancouver area (Court Districts 1 through 6, this includes all on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland from the west coast to Hope and Boston Bar).

Writ of Seizure and Sale

If you have a writ of seizure and sale, our licensed Court Bailiffs can seize and sell the debtors personal property.

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Evictions (Writ of Possession)

With a writ of possession, we can evict delinquent tenants and return your property to your control. In some cases, removal costs can even be recovered from tenant's assets.

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Order of Delivery/Writ of Delivery

If you have a court order to gain entry to reclaim your property, we can help.

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Order for Entry

With an Order for Entry, we can gain entry into a property to assist in foreclosure and sale proceedings.

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Order for Sale of Land

Your judgment entitles you to instruct Consolidated to sell any land owned by the debtor to satisfy your debt. Sale of Land can be a very effective method for recovering your money from the debtor.

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Ship Arrest

With an appropriate judgment, we can recover your assets through the arrest of a debtor's ship. This can be done with or without removing the ship.

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Commission for Sale

If a vessel owner owes you money, we can help. Whether for longshoreman work, tugboat services, marine repairs, fuel charges, or other debts, a commission for sale will allow us to seize and sell the debtor's vessel to satisfy the debt.

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Anton Pillar Order

With an Anton Pillar order, we can help you enforce against Patent Infringement. Everything from counterfeit goods and products to intellectual property.

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